Enneagram Training

Yes, the greatest predictor of future success is Emotional Intelligence; surpassing years of experience and education.  The Enneagram personality system is one of the best ways for people to increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The Matt Ahrens Group combines the Enneagram with solid organization development models to deliver high quality professional and leadership development to organizations large and small.

Emotional Intelligence is comprised of two key elements of relating:

  1. Individual self-awareness & self-management (Intra-relationships)
  2. Understanding others and how to work with them (Inter-relationships)

Enneagram Training addresses both of these aspects of EQ. After a brief introduction to the system, participants will identify their own Enneagram type through a series of guided activities. Knowing one’s own type provides a foundation for life-long development; it is that profound. Next, we engage in applications which deepen self-awareness, develop self-management, and teach participants about the other Enneagram styles.

Beyond individual employee development and improved team dynamics, this approach allows leaders to understand how to leverage team strengths and compensate for team shortcomings. 

Enneagram Training Formats

Because this training is based on your Enneagram type, the information gets much deeper and is more relevant than organization development models alone.  The development plans in this program are right on the mark and will help any professional make it to the next level and beyond. When an entire leadership team works through this program together, the transformation is truly remarkable: increased respect, camaraderie, shared vision, and, ultimately, results.

Enneagram Training sessions take three different formats; group training, learning communities, and one-to-one coaching.  All three formats stand alone or can be integrated into a development program.  Session times vary by format and client schedule.

Group Training is for 10 or more people and includes a number of experiential activities covering either the Professional Applications or the Leadership Applications. The format our clients find to be the most fun, it is a good way to bring a team together.  Sessions are half or full day. These work well for a team-building event.

Learning Communities are for leadership teams of 3 to 15 people and last 2.5 to 4 hours every 1 – 3 months.  Each session will cover a different leadership competency through background reading, interactive discussion of theory, a self-assessment of skills, and a discussion around application.  These sessions involve self-disclosure and unite the team in the common cause of leadership development.  Preferably done in person, this format is also suitable for over the phone.

Leadership Coaching is a one-to-one format either in person or over the phone every 1 to 3 months.  We cover the same leadership competencies with self-assessment and interactive dialogue of how to work with your strengths and areas for development.

Regardless of the format the first step in this process is for us to help you determine your type.  We can do this in one-to-one interviews or in groups of any size.

Getting Started

Start out with a one-time team building event!  You’ll get a sound introduction to this material with a number of applications.  Your team will glean new awareness of themselves and each other and have some fun in the process.  It is a great way to take this program out for a test drive.

Build off that first session with regular group training sessions. These can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually; whatever works for your schedule.  The more experience your team gets with the system the more benefits they receive and the deeper it becomes engrained in your organization.

Take it to the next level by integrating the other training formats. Try individual coaching for your executives, managers, and high potential employees. Improve team dynamics or cross-functional relationships through learning communities.

Directly apply the materials in your organization.  We can look at your team structure, build visions and missions, work on conflict resolution, and build healthy working relationships.  We can do this near the end of a group training session or as a complete session on its own.

Complimentary Enneagram Training Strategy Session

If you would like help in determining if Enneagram Training is a fit for your organization please Contact Us for a complimentary planning session. We’ll discuss your situation and see how we may be able to help you meeting your goals.

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