Profound Results for Organizations Using the Enneagram

“Companies using the Enneagram are
 reporting powerful increases in
employee- engagement,
positive interactions,
 and collaboration
between individuals,
 within teams, and
across business units.”   

       — The Enneagram in Business
                                     Best Practices Benchmark Report July, 2011

Times are tough. Downsizing. Hiring freezes. Budget cuts. Unpredictable demand. You name it, organizations today are facing it. “Do more with less” is the message of the day. But how? Your team is stressed, the competition more intense, every moment counts, yet to get to where you need to go as an organization, something needs to change.

The greatest predictor of future success is Emotional Intelligence. One of the best ways for organizations to increase the Emotional Intelligence of its people is the Enneagram personality system combined with solid organization development applications.

How we work – and how we lead – is primarily driven by our personality type. Technical skills matter, but they are not enough. Loving your career also matters but even that isn’t enough either. To excel, people need to work well with others; adapting their approach to the situation and the people involved.

The Enneagram builds self-awareness of our strengths and challenges, provides us a map for our professional development, and helps us relate better to our colleagues, clients, and partners. It gives professionals the skills they need to be excellent employees and successful leaders. When used effectively in organizations, it provides a common language of interaction, professional development, and accountability.

The Matt Ahrens Group works with teams and organizations to address real business needs using the powerful Enneagram system.