Consulting & Facilitation

The Matt Ahrens Group will be your facilitative partner in working through important business related issues all the while keeping alive the professional development skills you and your team has learned in the our training and coaching sessions.

We offer a several consulting programs or we can can customize something for your specific situation. Many of these are directly related to Enneagram Leadership Competencies and therefore have an even deeper impact for the organization. Here is a quick overview of our typical programs:

Conflict Resolution / Mediation

Conflict is a natural part of work life that can be transformed into shared understanding, cooperation, problem-solving, and improved teamwork. Conflict takes many forms that can usually be boiled down to either 1) two or more people in an active dispute or 2) two or more people not getting along.

We’ll often begin by using the Enneagram to help frame the discussion as many disputes are personality type related and not personal. As we progress through the process everyone will get a chance to be heard, the issues will be identified, solutions brain-stormed, and we will work toward resolution together. This requires at least two hours.

Strategic Planning

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? Fundamentally, strategic planning answers these three questions.

We’ll start with an assessment of the internal and external environments your organization is facing today followed by your vision, mission, strategies, objectives, and tactics. You’ll be providing all the content, we’ll provide you the process, activities, and facilitation. Depending on how deep you’d like to get, this process takes one to three days total. It can be broken up into multiple sessions if necessary.

Strategic Planning is also available as an extension of the Enneagram Training Leadership Competency “Know the Business, Think and Act Strategically.”

High Performing Teams

This session works well for in-tact teams who don’t need to reevaluate their entire vision and mission but would like to give itself an honest assessment and make plans for positive change. Based on the Leadership Competency of the same name, High Performing Teams begins with an assessment of 6 team areas by each team member, tallying the individual scores at the team level, a qualitative analysis of the quantitative data, issue identification, action planning for resolution. This program takes one to four hours depending on the level root cause analysis and action planning desired. It works well in tandem with the Enneagram Training program by the same name.

Organization Development Consulting

More complex situations require a deeper assessment and intervention. The process is straightforward: define the problem, clarify goals, and map out a project plan that will include data collection, data analysis, data feedback, action needs identification & commitment, action planning, intervention, and evaluation. These are normally longer-term projects over a number of weeks. The interventions may include our training, coaching, or other consultation and facilitation services.

Future Search

For organizations interested in a very participatory, inclusive, fun, and intensive planning process, Future Search may be the way to go. It requires participation from all key stakeholders, internal and external, over multiple days. Before you get to the future your entire group will record your history and identify all the issues you are facing today. With that baseline established you’ll collectively and creatively build the plans for your future!

World Cafe

An excellent technology for gathering input from a large group of people via smaller, more personal discussion groups. By the end, each person has participated in a unique discussion group on each topic. Ideas flow freely and as each topic gets discussed by different people, the key themes naturally emerge. This is usually used as a part of a broader, customized engagement program.

Open Space

The ultimate in organic interventions, this technology allows anyone and everyone to come forward with a topic for discussion, exploration, presentation, or action-planning. It is a terrific way to encourage participation and interaction in a large group with multiple possibilities. People vote with their feet, in that they are free to attend any session and free to wander around to get a sense of many or all of them. Also a nice fit into a broader, customized engagement program.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these services, please contact us.