Our Clients

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Our clients come to us for everything from special off-site events to leadership development to individual executive coaching to organization-wide culture change programs.

Our clients are organizations, teams and individuals in all fields – business (biotech, computer technology, apparel, financial services, etc.), government, non-profit, education, healthcare, and other professional services – who show a high degree of technical ability in their field or industry and are looking for that extra edge.

The Matt Ahrens Group, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, works with clients locally, across the U.S.A., and internationally.

The Matt Ahrens Group’s clients tend to be progressive-minded leaders with between five and fifteen direct reports and project teams or departments of ten to several hundred people.  Our clients value great work and are open to developing the skills and awareness necessary to create organizations in which people love to work.

Our clients often fall into one of five categories:

  1. Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers of work teams in large corporations looking to build the performance capabilities in their organization and teams
  2. Professional service groups such as medical teams, attorneys, financial service firms, social workers and teachers who want quality professional development and have a stake in improving team dynamics.
  3. Directors of non-profit organizations who want to improve the teamwork, communication and leadership of their board of directors, staff and volunteers.
  4. Entrepreneurs focused on stepping into greater success and fulfillment for themselves and their employees.
  5. Educators who are looking to foster the leadership qualities in their faculties, staff and students.

Do you face any of these challenges with your team?

  • You are an leader looking for an innovative approach to development.  You have an advanced product or service and want to develop a leadership team to match.  Your people are technically brilliant yet you know they can achieve more with the right interpersonal tools.
  • You have just been named manager of a critical new project team.  Success will depend on the level of communication, cooperation and creative teamwork your team can muster.  Openness to feedback is a must and conflict is inevitable.
  • Your team is above-average-to-good but has the potential for greatness.  It seems like they have everything they need – expertise, skill, motivation and goals – yet they are unable to break free from the status quo.  A major shake-up is too risky but to get to the next level you know that something needs to change.
  • Leadership, teamwork, communication and decision-making all need a shot in the arm.  There are some good performers but not enough of them.  For the group to succeed, people are going to have to step up and take more responsibility for their impact.  You are becoming concerned about the future.
  • Your department  just goes through the motions.  You’ve tried off-site mission statement meetings, fun activities, walking around and talking to people in the halls but performance is below par and morale continues to slump.
  • There is open hostility and visible conflict in your workplace.  Either between members of your team, you and a co-worker, or, well, everywhere!  Some folks are arguing and engaged in unproductive disputes and this is leaving people disheartened, unmotivated, and preparing to leave. Intervention needed ASAP!
  • Your organization has just gone through a major reorganization, merger or acquisition.  The culture needs reestablishing with new norms for quality performance, personal responsibility and proactive leadership.  You need to access your team’s strengths and challenges and build healthy environment.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, you are in the right place.  Please read on, there is help for you here.

Who is most likely to succeed with our form of professional & leadership development services?

Our clients typically share many of the following characteristics.  If these also fit you, then you’ll likely benefit from the services we offer.

  • Drive for excellenceyou want to make the most of your time, energy and resources
  • High integrity – honest, reliable, candid, principled, sincere and straightforward
  • Progressive broad-minded, enterprising, leading edge thinkers who seek innovation, embrace life-long learning, and adjust their approach based on circumstances
  • Value people and diversity – you recognize that everyone has their gifts and challenges.  A multitude of independent perspectives result in the best decisions.
  • See the greater purpose – it isn’t just about the money or the recognition; it’s about making a difference in the world
  • Believe that fun and productivity must coexist – you know the value of laughter, enjoyment and fun as important dimensions of personal and professional development
  • Willing to invest in yourself, your team and your organizationReal, sustained change demands it!
  • Committed to collaborative and co-active relationships – we both bring 100% to the relationship and create sustainable results together!

If this sounds like you, there is a good chance we’ll be able to achieve solid results for your organization. Please take a look at how we work or, if you are ready, contact us and we’ll get started.