Coaching is an investment organizations make in their top executives, mid-level managers, and high potential employees. It is no longer just a “charm school” for employees with performance issues.


Most clients report that they “feel better” after a coaching session; that’s the short-term, immediate benefit. The longer term benefits range from subtle to profound, depending on your commitment to your own continued growth in between sessions and the length of time we work together. The following is an overview of the results you can expect over time:

  • Increased success — Coaching helps clients make significant progress toward meeting their goals. Having that trusted confidant with whom you can talk things through, explore an issue from all sides, acknowledge your vulnerability, hold yourself accountable, and stay on track is immensely helpful. 
  • Customized action plans – What do you want to get out of coaching? We’ll define your goals and develop action plans to meet them; long-term strategies as well as important actions to take the between sessions to deepen your learning and move your agenda forward.
  • Deeper self-awareness – We’ll explore how your Enneagram type shows up in your professional and personal life; both positively and negatively. We’ll uncover your personal values, paradigms, motivations, goals, visions, gifts, challenges, habits, and patterns. You’ll have a better sense of yourself.
  • Greater self-acceptance — The more challenging aspects of our personalities tend to be the limiting factors in our professional careers and, generally, cause us emotional pain. Learning to see these experiences as just a manifestation of our Enneagram type allows us relax our reactivity, make wiser choices, and grow. The first step is acceptance.
  • Personal integration – Take these new strategies for change and make them your on-going practice. Then take these new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and weave them into who you are. Gain a greater sense of purpose, be more at ease with yourself, and embrace life-long learning.
  • More fulfilling relationships – As you learn about yourself, you will become aware of the strengths and challenges you bring to all of your relationships; both professional and personal. The four benefits described above will positively impact these relationships. In addition, you’ll also learn about the motivations of others and how to connect in an authentic way.

Qualities of a Good Candidate for Executive Coaching

If you can say yes to any of the following, you are likely to benefit from executive coaching:

  • You’d benefit from someone in your corner providing you with support, accountability, and constructive challenges
  • You want to understand yourself on a deeper level; your goals, strengths, and areas for development
  • You’re tired of not making progress and would like new insights and skills to get on track
  • You’d like to get more out of your relationships
  • You’re contemplating a career change
  • You’re interested in the Enneagram and how it can be used for professional development

Individual Coaching Format and Results

Individual Coaching sessions are held on the phone or in person. The frequency and duration of each session varies by need and availability. Some clients request once per week, others once per quarter, and most somewhere in between. Sessions are as short as 30 minutes or as long as two hours.

Coaching is like a dance with many options at any given moment for how we look at your topic. We will co-design how we do this together, both up front and in the moment. We’ll look at the perspectives you are holding, how to get on and stay on your path, the emotion behind the topic, and how your Enneagram type is impacting the situation. Sometimes the most helpful thing to do is to have someone listen to your story.

Getting Started

Coaching starts with a Discovery Session including an Enneagram Type Exploration Interview for you to start determining your type and a number of exercises to understand your current situation. Next, goals for your coaching are identified followed by designing the coach-client alliance on how to work together.

Some new clients, especially clients familiar with coaching who are shopping for a coach, prefer to have a regular session or two on some current issues before engaging in a Discovery Session; this is perfectly acceptable. It allows you to get a feel for our coaching style and we’ll both assess if we’re a match. Standard rates apply.

Because development takes time, please be willing to commit to this process for at least six months. Coaching is for people who are ready for a new phase of development. Are you? Let’s talk.

To arrange a complimentary phone consultation to discuss whether coaching is right for you, please contact us.